What you need to know about Condensation ?

Many people wake up in the morning and open the curtains to see streaming windows. Perhaps it has happened to you too and you didn’t give much importance to that. But those foggy windows and water droplets can actually be a sign that you have an underlying problem that needs to be fixed: condensation – the most recurring and troublesome issue we all have experienced.

Condensation is difficult to escape: every day we shower, bath, dry our clothes, cook – and every day we breathe! – and all these factors can contribute to the creation of condensation. Furthermore, with our houses becoming energy conscious, they’re also better insulated, draft-proofed, double glazed… Unfortunately, as a result, ventilation often gets overlooked and humidity tends to increase within indoor air.

Condensation is not only irritating but it can even damage your home and, in some cases, harm your and your family’s health. Since we can’t avoid showering, cooking and breathing – and we want our homes to be warm, secure, and as sustainable as possible – they need to be equipped to handle with condensation. What is condensation? And how can we prevent it?

To learn more about condensation, please take a look at this infographic link below:.


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