Duracraft TEC16E Dehumidifier Review – Great for Everyday Use!

duracraft tec16e compressor refrigerant dehumidifier review byemouldThe Duracraft TEC16E dehumidifier is a 16 litre compressor dehumidifier which is ideal for domestic use. There are a number of great features and, in our opinion, the TEC16E looks very sleek and modern as well.

Duracraft was founded in the 1980’s and sold their appliance range through the larger US retail chains. The company went public in 1993 and in 1996 it was bought by Honeywell before it was sold to another company in 2002.  The new company in turn became a subsidiary of  the Helen Troy Company in 2011.

Let’s start this review with a summary of the TEC16E features.

Features and Specs of the Duracraft TEC16E

  • Compressor type dehumidifier
  • 16 litre extraction rate
  • 2 litre water tank
  • 24 hour timer
  • Digital controls
  • LED display
  • Continuous drainage facility
  • Max operating noise 45 db(A)
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Hidden castor wheels
  • Power usage 280w – 410w
  • Measures (HWD) 48 x 39 x 25 cm
  • Weighs 14 Kgs
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Looks great
  • Timer
  • LED display panel


  • Heavy at 14 kg (but the castor wheels help)
  • Standard dust filter

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TEC16E Extraction Rate duracraft-tec16e-dehumidifier-review-byemould-dust-filter-washable

The stated extraction for the Duracraft TEC16E is 16 litres. Please note that your actual extraction rate will probably fall short of the stated extraction rate. This is due to two reasons.

Firstly the Duracraft TEC16E is a compressor dehumidifier and extracts best in warmer temperatures. If you are using a compressor dehumidifier in temperatures of below +-12°C you will find a very diminished extraction rate as the coils in the unit will get too cold to extract moisture efficiently.

The second reason that the actual extraction rate will be lower than the stated extraction rate is that the standard test climate for compressor dehumidifiers is a temperature of 30°C and 80% humidity. The Duracraft TEC16E was tested in this climate and as you are well aware we just don’t get this climate in the UK.

Water Tank and Filter

duracraft-tec16e-dehumidifier-review-byemould-water-tank-bucket-continuous-drainageThe water tank is a standard 2 litre in size and will complement the actual extraction rate very well. Usually water tanks have a line of clear plastic on their front so that you can see the level of the water as the dehumidifier operates.

You can then empty the water bucket before it is full and the machine turns off automatically due to the auto shut-off overflow safety feature. This way you can keep the dehumidifier operating longer to ensure greater extraction efficiency.

Unfortunately the Duracraft TEC16E does not have such a feature so if you want to check the water level before the dehumidifier turns off you must do so manually.

Continuous Drainage Option

The unit also comes with a continuous drainage option which allows you to use this unit in places such as boats, caravans, sheds and garages etc.


The filter is a standard washable dust filter although we would love to see an anti-bacterial filter on this unit.

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The TEC16E Control Panelduracraft-tec16e-dehumidifier-review-control-panel-fan-speed-timer-humidity-mould-fungi

The TEC16E control panel is very easy to use as there is just a LED display screen and 4 soft touch buttons.

Humidity Setting

On the top left of the control panel is the humidity control with which you can set the humidity to 50%-60%-70%-80%.

We would like to see increments of 5% rather than 10% but we are sure that most dehumidifier users won’t be as picky as we are. You will probably use the 50% setting most of the time.

Fan Speeds

Below the humidity button is the fan speed button with which you can select either the low fan speed or the high fan speed.

The high fan speed should be used when you initially use the dehumidifier as well as when you are drying washing indoors. The rest of the time you can let the dehumidifier run on the low fan speed.

Timer Button

The timer button is situated on the top right of the control panel and you can set this for up to 24 hours. Obviously this is a handy feature if you are leaving for work or to go shopping etc.

Power Button

On the bottom right you will find the power button which, as I am sure you know, turns the dehumidifier on and off.

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The Duracraft TEC16E comes with a standard 2 year warranty.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Duracraft TEC16E dehumidifier
  • 1 x Drainage hose
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Who Is The Duracraft TEC16E For

The Duracraft TEC16E is suitable for anyone with a 3 bedroom house. As mentioned previously in this review compressor dehumidifiers work best in warmer temperatures so as long as the heating is on, or has been on, and the room or hall is not too cold then the TEC16E should work just fine.

Due to the continuous drainage facility the TEC16E can also be used in garages, sheds, caravans, mobile homes and boats etc. However if you want to use the TEC16E in colder temperatures you may be better getting a desiccant dehumidifier such as the ones that we have recommended.

Final Thoughts

Due to the idiosyncratic extraction rates of compressor dehumidifiers we like the fact that the TEC16E has a stated extraction rate of 16 litres which is slightly larger than the common 12 litre rate.

We also like the timer feature as well as the continuous drainage which makes this particular dehumidifer great for using in less-visited places provided that the temperature is not too cold.

The Duracraft TEC16E rates at 4.5/5 on Amazon and at this price level its a good buy.


As mentioned just above the Duracraft TEC16E has a 90% satisfaction rate on Amazon which is a very good rate for dehumidifiers.

Here are what Duracraft TEC16E buyers are saying on Amazon;

  • “It produces mineral free water for my orchids!”
  • “was recommended by my neighbour who uses 2 of these”
  • ” Duracraft was recommended to me by a friend who lives in a 2 bed flat”
  • “Not particularly noisy as I mainly leave it in the conservatory during daytime”
  • “Easy to use, you can set your target humidity and timer. I use this in two rooms”
  • “Works real well, virtually silent and an absolute bargain. Will recommend to all”
  • “Brilliant for drying washing in the bathroom and for getting rid of damp in the atmosphere”

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Did you enjoy this Duracraft dehumidifier review? If you have any questions about the Duracraft TEC16E or any other dehumidifier please let us know in the comments below.

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