Best Oil Filled Radiator UK 2015

best oil filled radiator 2015 uk review thermostat quality home roomHaving read a lot about oil filled radiators we are confident that you will agree with  our choice for the best oil filled radiator in the uk for 2015.

Under the heading ‘best’ we took into account things like brand name, longevity, features and running costs.

We highly recommend buying a quality radiator which costs a little more money than lower cost radiators as over time the quality radiators will be cheaper to run.

So, let’s see the best oil filled radiator for 2015!

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Or keep reading to see the features that the best oil filled radiators contain!

We will discuss the best oil filled dehumidifier below.

Running Costs

The best radiators for cheaper running costs are the ones that have temperature sensing technology such as a thermostat.

Units with a thermostat can regulate the temperature so that the room does not get too hot.

Obviously units without a thermostat can just keep on heating the room over and beyond the required temperature resulting in increased heating bills!

Oil filled radiators with thermostats usually cost a little more than those without but over time you will surely save money with thermostat models.

Generally speaking oil filled radiators cost around 10-15p per hour to run however this depends on the setting of the thermostat, the output generated in watts, the condition of the property etc.


Timers are also a handy feature to have especially timers which can be set for multiple periods over the course of 24 hours.

Multi-period timers are great as you can set the radiator to come on before you wake up in the morning and you can also set them to come on just before you come home for lunch or from work in the evening.

Number of Output Levels

The greater the number of output levels an oil filled radiator has the better you can control the heat and associated costs.

The best oil filled radiators will have 3 output levels which you can switch between quite easily.

Safety Cut-off Switch

A safety cut-off switch turn the unit off before it overheats.

This is a very important feature to prevent fire.

The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364 Oil Filled Radiator

The EH1364 contains all of the features listed above and more as discussed in our review of the radiator.

As such it is our choice for the Best Oil Filled Radiator for 2015!

Do you prefer another model?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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