2016 Top 100 UK Property Experts on Twitter with 5,000+ Followers

Our 2015 Top 100 Estate Agent list was a huge success in terms of page visits so we’ve decided to release another updated Top 100 list for 2016.

This time, however, we have spread the net broader to allow for a wider range of networking and relationship building activities. Not only have we included estate agents but we have also listed online platforms, landlord and tenant resources, TV Presenters and interior decorators.

The 2016 Top 100 UK Property Experts on Twitter

kirstie allsop phil spencer top 100 property tv show presenter twitterAt number 1 and 2 on the list are TV’s favourite property presenters Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer with a combined Twitter following of over half a million!

Kirstie has amassed a huge Twitter following of 396,000 which is more than double than Phil’s 156,000 followers.

Check out Kirstie and Phil’s website to see their latest venture.

Simon Shinerock from Choices Lettings interview top 100 byemould dehumidifier

Simon Shinerock from Choices Lettings

Third on the list is Choices founder and Chairman Simon Shinerock with 136,000 Twitter followers.

ByeMould had the privilege of interviewing Simon and found out that not only is he the founder of Choices Letting but that he is also an extreme sports fan and an accomplished author.

Furthermore at ByeMould we also like the chairman’s message that Simon wrote on the Choices website. 

In the article Simon describes 3 interesting stages of development a business (or person) passes through.

In addition Simon also tells of the challenges and opportunities that faced him when he started Choices. The article is certainly worth reading especially if you are in the property sector.

Estate Agents and Landlords Do You Have This Important Tool?

The Top 100 UK Property Experts on Twitter with 5,000+ Followers

The following list is presented in order with Twitter handle and number of Twitter followers.

Please do not spam this list but use it to network by providing valuable information to the other party first (see the 7 Networking Tips below).

  1. @KirstieMAllsopp 396k
  2. @PipofftheTV 156k
  3. @SimonShinerock  136k
  4. @rightmove 81.4k
  5. @Zoopla 64.9k
  6. @JulieTwistMCR 64.5k
  7. @danielsLondon 56.6k
  8. @TeleProperty 49.1k
  9. @Savills 47.8k
  10. @knightfrank 45.2k
  11. @estatesgazette 42.5k
  12. @CharlesDarrowUK 38.6k
  13. @PrimeLocation 36k
  14. @millertandc 34.6k
  15. @GeckoOnlineEA 32.7k
  16. @tepilo 30k
  17. @landandnewhomes 21.9k
  18. @ 19.1k
  19. @nationalandlord 18.5k
  20. @HenryPryor 17.9k
  21. @sansomeangeorge 17.4k
  22. @Paul_Rout 16.8k
  23. @RLA_News 16.2k
  24. @TheNeg 16.2k
  25. @SonaliShah 15.8
  26. @LandlordZONE 15.7k
  27. @nicktadd 15.1k
  28. @naea_uk 15k
  29. @AgentMediaUK 14.9k
  30. @LandlordRef 14.6k
  31. @struttandparker 14.1k
  32. @4_Walls 13.8k
  33. @sally_lawson 13.8k
  34. @TPOmb 13.7k
  35. @SurveyorsNews 13.6k
  36. @savoysestates 13.5k
  37. @DamianWild 13.4k
  38. @RightmoveAddict 13.1k
  39. @RightSurveyors 13k
  40. @propertyowl 12.6k
  41. @MartinCoUK 12.2k
  42. @Cluttons 12k
  43. @CJWBlogger 11.9k
  44. @placebuzz 11.2k
  45. @lawsonslet 10.9k
  46. @marshandparsons 10.7k
  47. @Cost2Build_UK 10.6k
  48. @landlordtweets 10.5k
  49. @ChoicesCLondon 10k
  50. @Top3Agents 10k
  51. @MellorAuction 10k
  52. @HomeLet 10k
  53. @MauriceKilbride 9.7k
  54. @landlordnews 9.6k
  55. @RealEstateHove 9.5k
  56. @EdwardFoley 9.5k
  57. @houseladder 9.3k
  58. @Dorian_Belvoir 8.9k
  59. @Landlord_Today 8.9k
  60. @SpareRoomUK 8.8K
  61. @HomesforBritain 8.7k
  62. @Hamptons_PR 8.5k
  63. @WhichAgent 8.3k
  64. @Concentric_Let 8k
  65. @The_DPS 8k
  66. @Safeagent 7.7k
  67. @adrian_thompson 7.7k
  68. @iAmALandlord 7.6k
  69. @ThomasMorrisEA 7.5k
  70. @agencytrainer 7.2k
  71. @reppermediator 7.1k
  72. @LuscombeandCo 7k
  73. @AnthonyPepeEA 6.6k
  74. @baseproperty 6.4k
  75. @mydeposits 6.4k
  76. @PropIndEye 6.3k
  77. @FineandCountry 6.3k
  78. @AgencyExpress 6.2k
  79. @PropertyNetGang 6.2k
  80. @lettingproperty 5.8k
  81. @KFHproperty 5.7k
  82. @LA_Today 5.7k
  83. @EAELIVE 5.7k
  84. @AgentsMutual 5.7k
  85. @housingdabble 5.7k
  86. @TessaShepperson 5.5k
  87. @Rentmansoftware 5.5k
  88. @evictatenantuk 5.5k
  89. @aPropertyMattR 5.4k
  90. @TenancyDeposits 5.2k
  91. @Upad 5k
  92. @RobsonsWeb 5k
  93. @ChilternsLtd 5k
  94. @robertsnewby 5k
  95. @CommEnergyUK 5k
  96. @TimRussandCo 5k
  97. @findahood 5k
  98. @PropertyPenny 5k
  99. @OpenRent 5k
  100. @HB_solicitors 5k


7 Networking Tips networking property estate agents auctioneers

Networking is a two-way street and to access it you must provide interesting and/or valuable information to the other party first.

Here are some networking pointers:

Have a Plan

In order to contact somebody when networking you must have a plan.

First you must decide what the final objective is. This could be getting shout outs on twitter, getting a link on a high DA website, finding a partner to launch a product or even finding a global marketing initiative partner.

As Stephen Covey said ‘Start with the end in mind’. Once you have the end objective in mind you can work backwards to work out exactly how to get there.

Be Helpful

When networking you should forget about yourself and concentrate on how you can help the other party the best. This way the other party will more appreciative off you and therefore more open to discussion.

Start Now

Don’t wait with networking until you absolutely need to do it.

If you are networking because you have to then your approaches will no doubt be too demanding and forced.

By starting with networking now you can talk to people without being rushed. Start building up quality relationships slowly and look back after 6 months or a year to see what you’ve accomplished.

I’ll bet that you’ll be nicely surprised!

Remember; quality always beats quantity

The Critical FewNetworking is an essential part of building wealth.

Not sure who to network with?

Here’s a simple exercise called ‘The Critical Few’.

Think about your business and make a list of all the people who could help your business.

Now think of the top 10 or 20 people who could make a step-change in your business.

These people are The Critical Few.

Keep in touch with them and help them out if or when you can. If you play your cards right your generosity will be reciprocated at some point in the future.

Select Your Next Group

Make a list of the next 20 or so most important people on your list.

This is your next tier group which you should also definitely keep in touch with on a regular basis. The intensity of approach wouldn’t be as strong as for the critical few list.

Be Generous

When helping someone out don’t expect anything in return.

You’ll make the best impression and keep your psyche strong if you truly love helping other people.

Take It With a Grain of Salt

Not everybody will reciprocate your good will. Don’t get disheartened about it. Just move to the next person who is more likely to reciprocate.

We all make mistakes, we are all learning.

If you are having fun it will be seen by the other person.

Property Networking Events

Property networking events are held all over the UK with some of the more popular events being:

From personal experience I can attest to the fact that these events are alot  of fun.

Formats vary from having a single keynote speaker and/or smaller guest speakers to speed networking which is fast and furious.

Great fun and a great way to build your contact list.

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