Dimplex OFRC15C Oil Free Column Heater Review

dimolex heater radiator ofrc15c oil free light cheap affordableDimplex have produced another great affordable heater in the Dimplex OFRC15C Oil Free Column Heater.

At time of writing the radiator is rated 4.5 stars from nearly 100 reviews on Amazon.co.uk which is testament to the radiators quality and popularity.

Oil Free Radiator

The advantage of oil free radiators over oil-filled radiators is that oil free radiators heat the room faster at the same heating levels. The oil free radiator therefore needs to be turned on for a shorter time than oil-filled radiators.

According to Dimplex laboratory results for the OFRC15C Oil Free Radiator shows that provides 30% more effective room heat, in a standard sized room, than oil-filled radiators. The test results also show that this Dimplex radiator uses less energy than oil-filled radiators when heating a room between 15°C – 25°C.

Tests were conducted with the 2kW model.


  • Great Brand Name
  • Advanced Fin Design
  • Heats Rooms Fast
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • 3 year Warranty


  • Slight Smell When Used Initially (however this is typical of radiators and dehumidifiers and will stop with the first few uses)

Advanced Fin Design

The Dimplex OFRC15C radiator features an advanced fin design which allows for better heat distribution.

Fin design is an often overlooked facet when purchasing radiators however better heat distribution allows for a faster heating of an area and lower energy usage as the appliance can be turned off sooner.

Heat Settings

There are two heat settings for the OFRC15C.

The highest heat setting runs the radiator at 1.5kW per hour whilst the lower heat setting runs the unit at 1kW per hour.

The unit also features an integrated thermostat with which you can control the temperature for each heat setting with greater precision.

Light Radiator

Weighing only 8kg the Dimplex OFRC20C is easily movable for use in different rooms. This oil free radiator is around 5kg lighter than equivalent oil filled radiators.

Dimplex have kept the elderly and infirm in mind and have fitted this model with castor wheels for very easy transport. The distance between the caster wheels is approx 13″ centre to centre.

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Dimplex OFRC15C Running Costs dimplex ofrc15c radiator heater electric oil free column rad

The OFRC15C is a 1.5kW radiator and a kW per hour of usage costs around 12p (check your electricity bill for the exact amount). Therefore running costs would be around 18p if left on at full power for an hour.

If the radiator is left on for a shorter time and/or at a lower setting then the usage cost would be lower.


As with other radiators you will hear a quiet tick when the thermostat cuts in and out otherwise the OFRC15C is a very quiet unit which you will struggle to hear operate.


There is a 3 year warranty with this Dimplex radiator.


The OFRC15C is one of the most popular radiators on the market and it is easy to see why as it contains great features at a great price.

Here is what verified purchasers are saying about it.

  • “Super efficient heater, very pleased”
  • “arrived on time well packed looks good works well very happy would recommend”
  • “I have it in my loft and within ten minutes the whole room is warm”
  • “Used this through 2 winters now as extra room heating. Works well”
  • “does all as i expected very happy with it and delivered as promised the folllowing day”
  • “Versatile lightweight heater, deceptively powerful. Takes the chill off big rooms”
  • “I have recommended friends and family to buy one of these heaters. It’s the best!

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