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£10 Off Offer is Now Closed

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The good news is that many products, including dehumidifiers, are already selling at discount prices.

I recommend the following dehumidifiers:

Budget Dehumidifier

Prem-I-Air 10 Litre Xtreem 10 Dehumidifier

Best Value Dehumidifier

EcoAir ECO DD122 Desiccant Simple Dehumidifier

Best Compressor Dehumidifier

Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier

Best Desiccant Dehumidifier

EcoAir DD122 MK5 Desiccant Classic Dehumidifier with Ioniser and Silver Nano Filter

Remember that in UK temperatures a desiccant dehumidifier is more effecient than a compressor unit.

Desiccant units are also generally quieter and lighter than compressor models plus they are eco-friendly as there are no greenhouse gases being generated.