Shipping a Dehumidifier to Ireland

Parcel Motel dehumidifier delivery to ireland

Parcel Motel For Low Cost Shipping to Ireland

Typically the one of the first ports of call when the majority of Irish shop online for dehumidifiers, or other goods, is People are comfortable buying through as it has a great reputation and brand name.

For consumers buying goods on a problem could arrive in the delivery section of the order. Either the goods can’t be shipped to your location or shipping costs are prohibitive.

The good news is that a ready solution is at hand.

You may already have heard of a company called Parcel Hotel which is part of the Nightline group – the Irish courier delivery company. Basically what happens is as follows:

If the item that you want to buy can’t be shipped to your address, or if it is too expensive to ship to your address, then you can simply use the Parcel Motel address which is in County Antrim. This way you can use the free UK shipping that Amazon offers for purchases over £10. You can then ship from Co. Antrim into the Republic for a very reasonable cost. For example someone I helped today paid just €3.95 for the shipping of a dehumidifier, into the Republic of Ireland, that was purchased through AmazonThat’s not bad for a 6kg dehumidifier!

Note that oversize items will cost more. You can use the Parcel Motel calculator for figuring out your exact delivery costs.

How It Works

First you must register with Parcel Motel.When making a purchase on Amazon you simply enter the Parcel Motel Co. Antrim address. Parcel Motel have drop off points all over Ireland and in all the main towns and when your order is ready to be collected Parcel Motel will send you a unique identification number with with you can collect your parcel.

A big bonus, and a reason why many people use Parcel Motel, is that you don’t have to wait at home for delivery as you can simply collect your parcel after work or when it suits you.