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Although ByeMould is fundamentally a UK dehumidifier review website we get our fair share of traffic from the US.

So in order to give US visitors what they are looking for we have decided to review the most popular US dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers operate the same way all over the world. The big differences are obviously the brands (though one brand may supply the same dehumidifier to several parts of the world under a different name) and, of course, US ‘mold’ versus English ‘mould’.

Below is a list of US dehumidifiers which we have reviewed.

USA Dehumidifier Reviews

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Many dehumidifier companies manufacture dehumidifiers for both the European and American market. Electrolux is a good example as it manufactures Electrolux models for the European market and Frigidaire dehumidifiers for the US market.

The function of the dehumidifiers is the same but the descriptive language is a¬†little different. For example the english use the word ‘mould’ while Americans use ‘mold’. Similarly the english measure liquid measurements in litres while Americans use pints.

Whether buying a dehumidifier in the US or Europe (or anywhere else in the world) the most important items to bear in mind are:

  • Mechanical (compressor) or desiccant type
  • Extraction rate for each type
  • Size of water tank
  • Continuous drainage availability
  • Type of filter
  • Is an ioniser included
  • Type of control panel (ie soft touch, humidistat rotary dial etc)
  • Led screen display
  • Manual or automatic dehumidifier
  • Laundry mode
  • Timer function
  • Auto restart feature
  • Noise
  • running costs

If you are really comparing dehumidifiers then it may also be worth checking out features such as:

  • Child lock
  • Are filter replacements available
  • Temperature range dehumidifier can be used in
  • etc

How Long Should I Run A Dehumidifier

How long should I run a dehumidifier for?‘ is an often asked question. When using an automatic dehumidifier you can just leave the dehumidifier on all of the time and the dehumidifier will toggle automatically into the best setting for the relative humidity level of the room. This will include toggling down into ‘fan only’ mode or automatically turning itself off for a small amount of time before sampling the air for the humidity level again.

With manual dehumidifiers the operator should turn the dehumidifier off once the target relative humidity level has been reached.

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