6 Best Damp Meters For Home, Caravan etc

In my opinion almost every home in the UK and Ireland should have a damp meter.

Average humidity levels across the UK are far higher than the recommended ‘healthy’ levels of between 40%-60%.

Manchester, for example, has a low annual average humidity of 69% and a high of 87%!

In fact due to elements such as the gulf stream the UK actually has a higher average annual humidity level than mainland Europe and even Australia.

The following damp meters have been voted to be of high quality with an 80% satisfaction rate or higher. All of these damp meters are among the most popular damp meters being sold so by buying one you will be among good company.

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Zevek Digital Moisture Meter Detector
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Proster MD 4G MD Moisture Detector Damp Meter
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Stihl Wood Moisture Meter Digital Damp Meter
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Dr.Meter® Advanced Digital Wood Moisture Meter
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Moisture Meter - Moisture Detector for wood, building materials (screed, concrete, wall) and other materials
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These damp meters can be used anywhere from basements to caravans to sheds etc.

Buying a Damp Meter

When buying a damp meter it is useful to look for sturdy but light damp meters which feature moulded hand grips and is small enough to access small spaces.

The prongs, if any, should be made from strong durable material and must be sharp. Remember that the smaller the prongs are the smaller the holes that they will leave.

A large LCD screen is handy for seeing the degree changes and a ‘lock setting’ is ideal for locking the reading in hard to see and read places.

Also a damp meter that turns itself off automatically if left unused is betterthan one that doesn’t.

The Best Damp Meter

Brennenstuhl best damp meter moisture detector

The Brennenstuhl Moisture Detector

It is difficult to pick just one damp meter from the 6 listed above however the Brennenstuhl 1298680 MD Moisture Detector is, in my personal opinion, the best of the lot as it features all of the requirements listed above.

The Brennenstuhl is sturdy, small and light with moulded hand grips. It has small, sharp, strong prongs and a large LCD screen which can lock the reading in place.

The Brennenstuhl also turns off automatically when not in use.