7 Tips for Buying a Used Dehumidifier

used secondhand dehumidifiers

Used dehumidifiers can still give a high rate of satisfaction.

The purchase of a dehumidifier is a large outlay of money for many people. Considering that a budget dehumidifier costs around £100 it is worth noting that a good dehumidifier can still be purchased second hand. Used dehumidifiers are cheaper than brand new dehumidifiers however before buying a used dehumidifier read these 5 important tips.

1) Warranty

The first thing to check is if the dehumidifier is still under warranty. The standard warranty time for dehumidifiers is 2 years however lower grade models may only have a warranty of 1 year.

Also check if an extended warranty is available. Often these are up to 5 years and are just a way to make some extra cash for the vendors. Basically the longer the warranty period the better the product.

2) Moving Parts

If purchasing a second hand dehumidifier through someone like Amazon you know that an excellent returns policy is in place. So upon receiving the dehumidifier check all the parts that are meant to be moving are actually able to move.

This means checking that the water tank slides in and out nice and easily, check that the filter comes out easily, check that the castor wheels work. Also plug the dehumidifier in, turn it on, and make sure that every setting on the control panel works.

3) All The Parts

If the dehumidifier originally came with extras make sure those extras are included. For example a dehumidifier with a continuous drainage function should come supplied with a hose. Make sure the hose is included.

Similarly if a spare filter was offered or a set of castor wheels for optional use make sure that they are included when you are buying the dehumidifier.

4) Cracking Up

Again, as in number 2 above, pull the water tank out and make sure that there are no cracks. Place the dehumidifier on its side and check the castor wheels and fittings for cracks. Check that the dehumidifier body is solid and not damaged.

5) Filter It

Remove the filter and see if its dirty and/or worn. Decide whether there is life left in the filter or if you should purchase a new filter. If you need to purchase a new filter bear the cost in mind.

Also if the dehumidifier originally came with an anti-bacterial filter make sure that the original filter hasn’t been replaced with a standard dust filter.

6) Packaging

tips for buying used secondhand dehumidifier

The easy carry handle that comes with the Meaco DD8L desiccant dehumidifier

Check if the original packaging is still available. Some people are hoarders and these people are likely to still have the original packaging. The reason for mentioning the packaging is because the packaging may have special features such as the easy carry handle that comes with the Meaco DD8L dehumidifier (pictured).

7) Return Policy

As always make sure that there is a great returns policy in place in case your dehumidifier does not meet your standards. Online shops such as Amazon have great return policies. I’d be more worried about buying a used dehumidifier from an advert in the paper.

In conclusion I’d rather purchase dehumidifiers when they are brand new however don’t be scared of buying used dehumidifiers especially through online shops such as Amazon as their quality is very good, even for used appliances, and their return policies are great.