Dehumidifier Bags for Wardrobes

dehumidifier bags for wardrobes

Dehumidifier Bags for Wardrobes

One of the main areas in which mould occurs is the wardrobe. Personally I’ve heard of too many stories where clothes were ruined by mould in the wardrobe. I’m not talking about ordinary clothes either. Fashion items such as wedding dresses and designer clothes have all been affected.

Remember that mould doesn’t have to be inside your wardrobe to be dangerous. Mould often grows above, behind or beside the wardrobe as well depending on how the wardrobe is placed. Remember that mould can cause respiratory problems and allergies

Dehumidifier bags are a perfect solution for wardrobe mould as they hang right next to your clothes absorbing excess moisture from the air. As a bonus they also remove stale smells leaving your clothes smelling nice and fresh!

The bags come with plastic hooks which you can easily hang on the railing. The only problem that I have read in reviews is that the bags get too full with moisture and fall down. The solution is easy of course. Simply remove the bag from the railing before the bag get too full.

Of course wardrobes are not the only place where you can use dehumidifier bagsAny small area that needs moisture removed is a prime target. Think caravans, boats, cupboards, pantries etc. One reviewer even said that he, or she, places a dehumidifier bag at the head of the bed as that is a place were mould often occured.

While one bag is good having several bags is better as no doubt you have several areas in which to place the bags. So instead of buying just one bag you should consider buying a pack of 6. Buying a pack of 6 ensures that you can hang the bags in multiple areas plus you may have a few bags left over as replacement bags.

If you love your clothes dehumidifier bags are a must have!