Top 5 Reasons to Use Attic Access Doors in Commercial Construction

The attic access door is something that sometimes is overlooked in a commercial build, but the benefits from an install of attic access door are great. Installing an attic access door can result in addressing deficiencies in heat loss and drafts. Unless you have seen the benefits of an attic access door in a residential building, you might be reluctant if not hesitant to install one in a commercial build because of the differences between the two. The truth is, whether it is a commercial or residential building, attic access doors are beneficial in all projects.

Five reasons that attic access doors are recommended in commercial builds include:

  • Provides Energy Efficiency

Attic hatches, when installed correctly can prevent no leaks, drafts and mold build-up. For commercial builds, knowing that a building does not have mold is a major priority, because the last thing that a business or building needs is to have health dangers due to mold and asbestos in the air.

  • Prevents Heat-loss and Drafts

With attic access doors, these building add-ons means that commercial buildings can prevent heat-loss and drafts through the ceiling, which is quite common for ill-installed panels. Not only do they prevent heat-loss and promote energy efficiency practices, but they also allow for easy access to wires and cables that may be hidden up top. Given where the attic is, it is not always convenient to access, therefore, with attics being an “out of sight, out of mind” component of any commercial building, the install of an attic access panel would be beneficial.

  • Promotes Proper Insulation

When you purchase the right access panel, you are considering the type and thickness of
the weather stripe. Sometimes having too big or too small of a stripe can
impact the insulation of the panel against the ceiling. Make sure when purchasing
and installing access panels to confirm and verify the measurements. Not only does
having accurate measurements ensure that the access panel is being utilized
to its fullest, but it can prevent any future problems or issues.

  • Enhances Security

Attic access panels provide a level of enhance functionality and security that an ordinary ceiling could not. They can hide flaws and blemishes, wires and cables, while at the same time allowing for easy and safe access to them. The investment in attic access panels will provide returns ten-fold.

  • Easy Access for Maintenance

While no commercial building or project is the same – there will be some needs that will be met with a simple attic access panel; whereas, there are other buildings where the attic panel will require latches, ladders, or extra security. Whatever the building needs, a proper access panel company that has an extensive array of access panels can help with those needs. Every panel has features that are sure to enhance any commercial building.

Not sure what attic panel to go with? Looking for professional advice? Consult with an access panel company that has experience but also the inventory to be able to make the proper recommendations. Don’t limit yourself but more importantly, make sure you do your research to provide the best panel to your next commercial project.

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