Prem-I-Air 18″ (45 cm) High Velocity Air Circulator Fan Review

At ByeMould we are well versed about Prem-I-Air appliances after having covered Prem-I-Air dehumidifiers and radiators.

Prem-i-Air is a popular air treatment brand and is sold in many countries such as the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ireland and even South Africa.

The stylish Prem-I-Air High Velocity Air Circulator is a very powerful floor fan so if you have a large room or big house  this fan will suit you perfectly.

This particular fan rates 4.6 / 5 stars from over 310 reviews on Amazon so you are guaranteed to buy a quality product.


  • Great brand name
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Tilt feature
  • Powerful
  • Good price for what you get


  • Floor fan – not recommended for those with toddlers

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Features Of The Prem-I-Air High Velocity Fan

3 Fan Speeds

The Prem-I-Air High Velocity Air Circulator comes with 3 fan speeds for an easily controlled air flow. The settings are low, medium and high and can be adjusted by buttons on the rear of the unit.

The lowest setting will be the setting that you use most frequently and in this setting the noise level isn’t excessive at all.

Tilt Functionprem-i-air high velocity fan air circulator review control panel

This high velocity fan does not have a oscilating feature (ie swinging from side to side) however you can angle the fan over a wide range up or down.

A practical use of this feature is to have the fan pointing straight up so that the hot air that collects at the ceiling gets circulated.


While the maximum volume output by this high velocity fan is around 68 decibel it is likely that you will not use this fan at the maximum fan speed which generates this volume level.

Most of the time this fan will operate in the lowest setting which provides volume at a unobtusive level.

Here is what a purchaser said:

just a note on the noise levels of the fans i have seen different posts saying different things, my view of this is that it is not much noisier than a standard oscillating fan on at say a medium level the noise isn’t as intrusive as i thought it would be from other reviews and even if it was the cooling would far outweigh the little droning noise you get from it.

No Assembly Required

Those with clumsy fingers will be delighted to learn that this unit arrives in a box fully assembled. Of course this means that you can just plug-in the fan and use it straight away.

The instruction manual shows how the fan fits together just in case you may want to take it apart at a later date for whatever reason (cleaning, storage etc).

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prem-i-air high velocity fan air circulator review byemould side profileSpecifications of the Prem-I-Air High Velocity Fan

  • Weight 5.7kg
  • Power supply ~230v
  • Power Usage +- 100w
  • Power Cord 1.8m
  • Air Removal 3660 m³/h
  • Max Volume 68 decibel


With a rating of 4.6 / 5 from over 310 reviews on Amazon you just know that this is a popular, high-quality fan. However don’t just take our word for it. Here is what purchasers have to say:

  • “My original review stands, this is a nice quality, versatile big fan”
  • “I can feel the difference anywhere in the room. It can pivot back quite far”
  • ” is far superior to the settings on a regular oscillating fan”
  • “This baby actually throws a lot of airflow out and you can feel the room slowly cooling right down”
  • “For the summer this is a MUST if you are feeling miserable in the heat”
  • “Very effective & stable kit, (we’ve had ours 5yrs)
  • “Fans are far more efficient than air conditioning which relies on sizing an area & keeping it sealed ultimately”

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