The Prem-I-Air is a neat, compact little workhorse suitable for smaller offices, 2 bedroom houses or smaller properties such as apartments and flats.

Colours to choose from include black and white.

You will really like this great little worker, if you are looking for a budget dehumidifier, after reading this Prem-I-Air Xtreem 10 review.

Extraction Rate and Cost

The Prem-I-Air ‘Xtreem 10’ is a compression dehumidifier that can extract up to 10 litres per day.

Measuring exact running cost for any electrical appliance that can turn on and off automatically is tricky however several reviewers estimate that this dehumidifier costs approximately 3p per hour to run.

Another reviewer estimated running cost at £3 per week using a 65% humidity level at a temperature of 15 degrees C.

Filter and Tank

The tank is 1.5 litres in size and the Xtreem 10 cuts out automatically when full and this will be indicated by a ‘Water Full’ light on the control panel. Handily enough the Prem Xtreem 10 water tank is slightly see through so you can empty the container well before it is full.

A small negative is that the container does not feature a handle which makes carrying the container to the sink, to empty, slightly more difficult than when using containers that do feature a carrying handle.

Several reviewers have mentioned that they leave the dehumidifier on overnight, as its cheaper from an electricity cost point of view, and they’ve never had a full tank the next morning.

The frequency of having to empty the tank depends on the size of each area and how wet the area is. Several reviewers mentioned that they only have to empty the tank once per day, others have said that they empty the tank 3 times per day.

Some reviewers have mentioned that there is a small amount of drip spillage when removing the tank however this can be fixed by simply turning off the dehumidifier 5 minutes before emptying so that all the water has a chance to run down into the reservoir.

It is unfortunate that the Prem-I-Air Xtreem10 does not feature an anti-bacterial filter or ioniser however this appliance is a budget model after all. xtreem`10

The filter is a standard dust filter which should be cleaned once a week. It’s a little bit of a hassle to clean the filter as you must remove the water tank first before pulling the filter downwards and out. The standard filter set up on other dehumidifiers makes their filters easier to clean. Again bear in mind that the Prem-I-Air Xtreem 10 Dehumidifier is a budget model.

prem i air xtreem10 10l dehumidifier review


The Prem-I-Air ‘Xtreem 10’ measures 45.2 x 35 x 27.5 cm. The Xtreem10 weighs 10.5kg. Therefore it is quite bulky for a dehumidifier of this capacity. Since this dehumidifier comes without castor wheels or a carry handle it is best left to function in one position.

There is an electronic push button control panel situated on top of the dehumidifier for easy access. This particular control panel has a digital display. The control panel is very easy to navigate as you can read under the ‘Operation’ heading below.

There is a drain hole at the back of the unit for a permanent drain facility however you need the sink/drain to be
lower than the unit, as the drain facility is not pumped electronically but works on gravity, and you need to supply your own pipe or ½ inch hose.

The appliance operates at around 240 watts and, of course, any waste energy goes towards heating the room.

Voltage required is 230V ~50Hz.

Gross and Net weight is 11.4kg and 10.5kg.

The area covered is 15 square metres.

Technical details of the Prem-I-Air Xtreem 10 include:

  • Operating current: 1.4 A
  • Refrigerant: R134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane)
  • Refrigerant load: 90 g
  • Discharge pressure: 1.7 MPa
  • Suction pressure: 0.7 MPa
  • Sealing: hermetically sealed Airflow: 150 m3/h


Upon receiving the Prem-I-Air Xtreem 10 you should remove the water tank and reinsert it (maybe do this several times) as the balance of the tank may have moved during transportation. Also upon bringing the Prem-I-Air Xtreem 10 home you should place it upright and leave it for an hour or two before turning it on.

You should actually do this for all dehumidifiers to make sure that they are balanced properly. The oil inside the machines may have moved during transportation and may cause a blockage if the machine is turned on before the oil has settled.

There is a build in safety feature that protects the motor so upon turning the machine on for the first time you should just let it run for 3 minutes.

You can then press the (+) or (-) button which increases or decreases the setting by 5% increments until you find the humidity level that you prefer (probably around 50%). The settings for the humidity range run from 35C -80C.

The simple control panel shows two buttons. One being the ‘on’/’off’ button and the other being the ‘Cont’ button for continuous function. The ‘Cont’ button acts like the ‘Laundry’ and ‘Turbo’ modes of other dehumidifiers and helps to dry clothes faster as well as dry wet areas such as shower rooms etc.

Ideally you would set the Prem-I-Air 10L Xtreem10 dehumidifier at humidity levels of around 50-55% dropping to around 40% if the temperature falls below 5C outside.


You will be pleased to know that the Prem-I-Air ‘Xtreem 10’ has a build in humidistat.

A humidistat is an automatic control that allows the dehumidifier to cut out once the desired humidity level has been reached. Once the humidity level rises then the dehumidifier automatically starts operating again.

Therefore dehumidifiers with a humidistat are cheaper to run than those appliances without a humidistat.

The Prem-I-Air Xtreem10 also defrosts itself at higher temperatures as coils of mechanical dehumidifiers block with frost during very cold spells.

Several reviewers have mentioned that the Prem-I-Air stops working between 5C-10C. These temperatures are slightly higher than you’d expect a mechanical dehumidifier to stop working at. If you are looking for a cold weather dehumidifier then desiccant models such as the EcoAir Eco DD122FW or EcoAir DD122 MK5 are ideal for the job.

For a deluxe desiccant dehumidifier I’d recommend the Meaco DD8L however the Meaco is nearly twice the price of the Prem-I-Air 10L ‘Xtreem10’

prem i air xtreem10 10l dehumidifier review


This item comes with a 12 month warranty


Runnig volume is around 45 decibels which is equivalent of the sound volume in a library.

Several reviewers have mentioned that they leave this dehumidifier on at night time so it can be assumed that the volume does not disrupt sleep for the average person.

Although the Prem-I-Air is louder than the average dehumidifier most reviewers agree that it’s a small price to pay for such an excellent machine.

Perfect For

The Prem-I-Air ‘Xtreem 10’ is perfect for domestic use such as in apartments, flats and small houses or light office use.

What Others Are Saying

This dehumidifier has received some of the best reviews that I’ve come across.

On this dehumidifier rates 4.4 / 5 from nearly 100 reviews.

Here are some things that verified purchasers are saying:

  • “one thirsty little work horse and for it’s size it soon mops up excess moisture in the air!”
  • “I’m very happy with it.”
  • “dose a brilliant job”
  • “Very pleased with this purchase”
  • “This dehumidifier works brilliantly”
  • “very pleased does exactly what we wanted it to do”
  • “am very impressed and would recommend”


The Prem-I-Air is a great dehumidifier for smaller  domestic areas. As long as the buyer knows that this is a budget dehumidifier suitable for 2 bedroomed houses or smaller then they should be happy buying this model.