Massive Savings on Slimline Moisture Absorbers!

slimline moisture trap absorber black friday deal week amazonAt time of writing there is a massive 74% Off Slimline Moisture Absorbers however this discount can disappear at any minute so if you are thinking of buying be quick.

As can be seen from the image the moisture absorbers come in a variety of very cool, fresh colours which sets them apart from other moisture absorbers.

The colours correspond to different scents which include Jasmine, Rose & Lemon. Again competitor moisture traps are usually not scented so this adds a nice touch to Slimline moisture absorbers.

Slimline moisture traps absorb up to three times their weight in moisture which seems to be the normal absorption scope for moisture traps. As well as absorbing moisture the traps can also  lessen or eliminate smells, such as mould, from the air.

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The majority of reviews on Amazon are positive however there are a number of negative reviews which I will address here.

First of all one lady was unsatisfied as she used two slimline moisture absorbers in a one bedroom flat. To be honest to treat a one bedroom flat you would need a full size dehumidifier such as the De’Longhi Dem 10 for example.

You would probably need to place one or two slimline moisture traps in  room (depending on the size of the room) to get adequate effect.

Secondly the slimline moisture trap comes with a little  bag of beads. This bag is meant to kept unopened. The majority of negative reviews come from people who had opened the bag before using the moisture trap.

Do not open the little bag of beads that come with the Slimline moisture trap.

The Slimline moisture absorbers are the following dimensions;

  • 24cm Long
  • 8cm Wide
  • 5cm Deep

Suitable For

Slimline moisture traps are suitable for small places only. These places would include wardrobes, cupboards, small bedrooms, under-the-stairs, caravans, motor homes, mobile homes etc.

Please do not make the mistake of placing the traps in an area which is too large.

For slightly larger areas you may like the Pro Breeze dehumidifier.


The Slimline Moisture Traps rate at 4 stars on Amazon and there are several verified reviews.

  • “They smell great so would suit small bedrooms etc”
  • “great for the caravan thanks”
  • “they work well in my moist areas in the house like closets, pretty colours”
  • “Great price four good colours a really good deal of the day thanks”
  • “Great in small spaces, cupboards. Not for larger areas”
  • “They work well and are softrly scented”
  • “brilliant I will most certainly buy again!”

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