Dehumidifier Granules

dehumidifier granules crystals reviewThe name ‘dehumidifier granules’ is actually a misnomer as it would be more technically correct to say ‘moisture absorber granules’ however when saying the former people automatically know what you mean.

Absorbing moisture in close spaces using granules makes a lot of sense as full size dehumidifiers represent not only a fair investment to purchase but also to run them (especially in ‘Laundry’ or “Turbo’ modes).

For small rooms, under the stairs, cars, cupboards, caravans, boats and wardrobes etc moisture absorbers can be highly effective. The key is to utilise the correct size absorber in the appropriate area.

Many people purchase the base as well as the granules or crystals and when the granules run out they throw the base away as well. It would be more cost effective to keep the base, as long as it’s functional, and buy a granule refill pack.

Granules and crystals will last up to around 2 months in a normal winter environment so if the area they are to be used in is small then they are much more cost effective than not only dehumidifiers but also mini dehumidifiers such as the AirPro Mini.

An added bonus, apart from not using any electricity, is that there are no batteries to replace. Therefore moisture traps are silent in their operation which means that you can use them day and night.

In fact moisture absorbers are more of a ‘set and forget’ item than full size dehumidifiers which need more minding.

The Most Popular Moisture Trap and Granules

Currently on the market is the Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap which is perfect for windows sills and not only acts as a moisture trap but as an air freshener as well.

The Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap is suitable for areas of less then 15sq metres.

The ideal refill for the moisture absorber are the Kontrol Krystals Refills which are made by the same company and comes in a 2.5Kg pack.

Visit Amazon to read more about the exact details of the refills and some great customer reviews.