Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions That Really Work

Accidental spills happen all the time and knowing how to deal with them when it comes to carpets is critical to maintaining their overall quality. Below, you can learn about some awesome homemade carpet cleaning solutions that can work remarkably well to remove stains from dirt, food, drinks, and pet accidents.

So, the next time you’re faced with a seemingly difficult stain to remove, you won’t be feeling that sense of panic like before. You can simply mix the right solutions and have the stain removed quickly.

Solutions For Different Types of Carpet

Before we get started on how to make your cleaning solutions, you’ll want to consider the type of carpet that you have. This is because certain cleaning solutions will work better on certain types of carpets than others.

The section below takes you through how to make cleaning solutions for natural fiber and synthetic carpets.

Natural Fiber

For the solutions below, you can put the mixture into separate spray bottles.

Vinegar Mixture

SpotlessMag has a helpful article on how cleaning carpet with vinegar can be an incredibly effective way to remove stains fast. For natural fiber carpets, mix a quarter cup of water with a quarter cup of white vinegar.

Detergent Mixture

Combine 1 cup of water that’s lukewarm with one teaspoon of standard dishwashing detergent.


Combine one tablespoon of ammonia with half a cup of water that’s lukewarm.


With the synthetic carpet solutions below, mix the ingredients into a bowl or container as you want to avoid pouring them directly onto the stain. Instead, you can use a cloth to dip into the solutions which can then be dabbed on the stain.

Vinegar Mixture

Combine two cups of water with one cup of white vinegar.

Detergent Mixture

Mix a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with one cup of water at a lukewarm temperature.

Cleaning Solutions for Pet Accidents

Natural Fiber Carpets

When it comes to removing stains caused by pets on natural fiber carpets, start by using the detergent solution to spray onto the stain and dry it with a cloth in a botting motion. Repeat these steps for the vinegar and ammonia solutions.

After you’ve used all three solutions on the stain, apply the detergent solution again and blot it dry with a cloth. You can then use lukewarm water to spray onto the area to rinse it from the solutions before blot drying it with a dry cloth.

Synthetic Carpets

Use a dry cloth to dip into the detergent solution to begin with and dab the stain multiple times. You can then put more pressure onto the stain by pressing the cloth into it for up to 5 seconds.

Leave the stain to absorb the solution for 15 minutes and use a dry cloth to then dry the area more thoroughly. Next, dip a dry cloth into the vinegar mixture and complete the same steps as mentioned for the detergent solution.

Once this step has finished, leave the stain to air dry for up to one hour. At this point, the stain should be starting to diminish. If not, repeat the above steps until you notice the stain becoming lighter.

Cleaning Solutions For Drink & Food

Natural Fiber Carpets

Use the detergent cleaning solution to spray the stain before blotting it dry with a cloth. Next up, spray the stain again with the vinegar mixture and dry it in a blotting motion using a dry cloth.

Use the detergent spray again and dry the stain at which point, it should start to become lighter. Finally, rinse the stain from the solutions by spraying it with lukewarm water and blot dry it with a cloth.

Depending on how bad the stain is, you may need to repeat the above steps multiple times until it’s completely gone.

Synthetic Carpets

Grab a white cloth and dip it into the detergent mixture to dab the stain. After you’ve dabbed it multiple times, you can press the cloth harder into the stain for around 5 seconds. Leave the stain for 15 minutes to give the detergent solution the chance to start working.

After the 15 minutes is up, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture that may be left on top of the stain. Next up, dip a dry cloth into the vinegar mixture and repeat the same process as you did for the detergent solution.

Once you’ve dabbed the stain with vinegar and left it to sit for 15 minutes, soak a clean cloth in lukewarm water and blot the area to rinse it from the vinegar and detergent. It’s important to leave the vinegar in the stain for 15 minutes before rinsing it out as it’s great for breaking down the stain while also helping to get rid of the leftover detergent that may be stuck in the carpet.

When you’re dealing with especially large spills, it would be a good idea to place numerous paper towels on the floor and put a heavy object on top. This can help to absorb a lot of the excess liquid so that you can have an easier time removing the stain using the above solutions.

Cleaning Solutions For Dirt

Natural Fiber Carpets

Before you begin applying any solutions to your carpet for removing dirt stains, you’ll want to vacuum the area first. Vacuuming is a great way to remove any larger pieces of dirt and debris so that you can focus more on getting rid of the stain.

Use the detergent solution in the spray bottle and apply it to the area. Blot it dry with a cloth and use the vinegar solution to spray onto the area that you can also blot dry afterward. Apply the detergent solution to the stain one more time and blot it dry.

Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water to spray onto the stain to rinse it from the detergent and vinegar mixtures and blot the stain dry.

Synthetic Carpets

Vacuuming synthetic carpets is also an important step to take before you start removing the stain to remove pieces of dirt.

When the area has been vacuumed, dip a cloth into the detergent mixture and dab the stain multiple times before pressing it down into the stain with more pressure for 5 seconds. Let the detergent soak into the stain for 15 minutes and use a cloth in a blotting motion to absorb any liquid leftover.

Finally, clean the stain from the detergent by soaking a cloth in lukewarm water and dabbing it onto the stain until the color begins to lighten.


Being sure to use the right solutions and methods for synthetic and natural fiber carpets can make your stain-removal jobs a lot more effective and less time-consuming. By following the steps mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to feel more confident about removing tough stains from your carpet the next time there’s an accident.

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