Haverland Smartwave Radiators – The Smart Way To Stay Warm

haverland smartwave radiators informationUsing Haverland’s Smartwave electric radiators is one of the most energy-efficient ways of keeping your home warm during the cold season. These radiators use an innovative technology which allows them to learn your routine, so they will create an optimised heating programme which will lower your heating bills without affecting your comfort level.

All the SmartWave radiators are Wi-Fi compatible, so you will be able to control them remotely as long as you have a stable internet connection. This will give you the possibility to make sure the radiators are working properly and make the necessary tweaks if the situation demands it.

How Do SmartWave Radiators Work?

Using built-in infrared sensors, the self-learning radiators will learn your weekly routine. This will allow them to develop a heating programme which will produce more heat when you’re at home and less when you’re away, saving energy.

How Do SmartWave Radiators Learn?

The first time you turn the SmartWave radiators on, they will start in the self-learning operating mode. During the first week, the built-in infrared sensor will monitor the movement around the room to keep you warm while learning your routine. The next week, the SmartWave radiator will automatically start heating based on the previous week’s routine. The radiator will start heating up the air 30 minutes in advance of the time it expects you to enter the room, so you will always find a comfortable temperature when you’re home.

As long as the radiator operates in the self-learning mode, it will continue to learn your routine. This means that every week it will follow the programme it developed the previous one, adapting to your schedule as soon as you change it.

One of the advantages of using this kind of technology is that every radiator follows its own heating programme, so the one in your bedroom will work at different times compared to the one in your kitchen, and so forth. Using more self-learning radiators in your home will save a lot of energy in the long run.

How Does The Infrared Sensor Work?haverland smartwave radiator review guide

The infrared sensor will detect your movement as long as it has a clear line of sight to you. You should keep this in mind when choosing the radiator’s position. If you fit the radiator behind a curtain or a sofa, the infrared sensor won’t be able to detect you, so the self-learning mode won’t work.

What If I Change My Routine? Will The SmartWave Radiators Waste Energy?

No, they won’t. Very few people follow the same routine every week, and the SmartWave radiators are specially developed to adapt to changes. The radiators will produce heat every time you’re in the room, even if you spend more time in the bedroom than you did the previous week. On the other hand, the radiator will automatically heat up if you enter the room at an earlier time than the previous week. If you don’t enter the room 30 minutes after the radiator starts heating up, it will automatically switch to the economical operating mode.

This adaptive routine will also take place if you’re going on holiday. First, the SmartWave radiator will switch to the economical operating mode if 30 minutes pass without you entering the room. If you don’t come in the room several hours later than you should have had, the radiator will switch to the anti-freeze mode. This operating mode will only produce a low level of heat when the sensor registers an ambient temperature below 5 degrees C. This is a great feature, as it will prevent your pipes from freezing during your holiday.

haverland smartwave radiator guideWhat If I Have Pets? Will The Smartwave Radiators Work For Them?

Haverland’s SmartWave radiators are specially designed to track the activity of humans, but they can register the movement of large living things. If you have a large dog, the radiators can pick up on its activity and start producing heat. While your dog will most definitely appreciate the higher temperatures, you might not. If this is the case, you can run the radiator in the manual operating mode, or create a personalised heating programme with the help of the Haverland heating app.

The radiator’s infrared sensor will detect but ignore the movement of smaller pets, so your heating programme won’t be affected.

How Do I Install A SmartWave Electric Radiator?

Anyone can install a SmartWave electric radiator. You simply have to screw it to the wall and plug it into a socket. All the SmartWave radiators use standard 3-pin plugs. You can also hardwire the radiator into your electrical circuit for a more discrete fitting, but this installation should be done by a professional electrician. You also have the possibility to install a pair of feet onto the base of the radiator, so it will become a free-standing unit, but the feet have to be purchased separately.

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