27 Great Landlord Resources on Twitter!

Private landlords often need quick and easy access to the latest news and information on a wide range of issues. As such I have trawled Twitter for the top landlord resources.

The following list, of 27 great landlord resources on Twitter, is in no particular order although I would like to mention two landlord sources in particular and these are Property Tribes and Landlord Zone both of which I have had personal dealings with and both whom have impressed me with their professionalism and generosity.

If you are a landlord, or are interested in ‘landlording’ then please check out the following Twitter profiles and pages.

  1. Property Tribes @4_walls
  2. Landlord Zone @Landlordzone
  3. Zoopla @Zoopla
  4. Upad.co.uk @upad
  5. RightMove @rightmove
  6. Arla @Arla_Uk
  7. NLA @nationallandlord
  8. Just Landlords @JustLandlords
  9. RLA Landlord News @RLA_News
  10. Landlord Today @Landlord_Today
  11. Landlord News @newslandlords
  12. Landlord Lowdown @landlordlowdown
  13. Landlords Acion @landlordaction
  14. Residential Landlords @Help4landlords
  15. Uklandlords @Uklandlords
  16. LandlordAssist @LandlordAssist
  17. Landlords Ins Fox @Landlordsinsfox
  18. Landlord Directory @LandlordDir
  19. Property Rent UK @propertyrentuk
  20. PIMS Landlords @Pims_uk
  21. Rightyielduk.co.uk @RightyieldUK
  22. UK Property Investor @ukpropertyinves
  23. UK Property News @ukprop
  24. The Landlord @The_Landlord
  25. Landlord Tips&Tricks @TheLetMaster
  26. The Safe Landlord @TheSafeLandlord
  27. North West Landlords @nwlandlords

Note that the above list features a wide range of resources for the landlord from forums to property management software to buy, sell and letting websites such as Rightmove.

Please ‘follow’ those pages most relevant to yourself and share their best content this way the most essential information will be passed from landlord to landlord.

Also please note that while I have ensured that there are no mistakes in the above list I urge all constituents to check the link to their Twitter page. If there happens to be a mistake please let me know in the comments below and I will sort asap.

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