Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier Review

Perfect For 3-5 Bedroom House

The UK manufactured Ebac range of dehumidifiers is very popular and the Ebac 2650e dehumidifier is the best selling domestic dehumidifier in the range.

Extraction Rate

The Ebac 2650e has a larger extraction rate than the other dehumidifiers reviewed on byemould.com so far.

At an extraction rate of 18 litres per day the 2650e is large enough to handle all domestic, small office and light industrial situations.

According to Ebac their dehumidifiers extract more moisture at lower running costs than other humidistat-controlled domestic dehumidifiers.

For an Ebac dehumidifier with a larger capacity take a look at the Ebac 2850E Dehumidifier which is exactly the same as the Ebac 2650e however the extraction rate is 21 litres a day and the 2850e is suitable for 4/5 bedroom houses up to 210m squared in size.

Filter and Tank

The ergonomically designed ‘Jerrycan’ water tank holds 3.5 litres of water and is front loaded with a pull down door for easy removal without spillage.

The Ebac 2650e has a ‘Tank Full’ indicator so that you know when you must empty the water tank. If you forget to empty the water tank then the dehumidifier stops working to avoid overflow.

The 2650e comes with a carbon washable filter however a Bactiguard Filter Set can be purchased separately. A bactiguard filter is recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers as airborne dust, germs bacteria and fungi will be removed from the air.

As with all dehumidifiers the filter should be replaced after a period of 3-4 months to ensure that maximum air flow across the dehumidifiers coils.

Typically for mechanical refrigerated dehumidifiers there is no ioniser attached which is a pity as such a feature controls airborne dust etc. Allergy and asthma sufferers should always purchase dehumidifiers with ionisers as this can help control allergies.

ebac 2650e dehumidifier review

Smart Dehumidifier

The Ebac 2650e is a ‘smart dehumidifier’ with patented Proportionate Control technology which senses the moisture of the house, inside as well as outside. It also senses any other moisture changes such as when baths and showers are used, when tea is made, when the cooker is on etc.

It collates this information to turn itself ‘on’ and ‘off’ without the need of manual intervention. You can just turn the machine on and it will regulate itself  as smart dehumidifiers automatically adjust the amount of time they run in order to minimise the energy used to remove excess moisture.

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Control Panel

The control panel on the Ebac 2650e is positioned on the front left of the dehumidifier and comes as a LED screen with integrated buttons which makes it difficult to use without the instruction manual.

A slight negative is that although you can increase or decrease the humidity levels the display only shows a line of water droplets which lights up as you adjust the settings. The screen does not display the actual percentage of relative humidity unless you purchase a separate hygrometer yourself.

Control Type Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier Review

The 2650e features an Electronic Display Smart Control (EDSC) system which allows the machine to scrutinize the relative humidity levels in the surrounding air so that it can turn itself ‘on’ and ‘off’ depending on where the humidity level is compared to the required set humidity levels.

The EDSC allows the user lower running costs as the Ebac dehumidifier is not operating constantly.

In my opinion the Smart Control system is a similar humidity level detection system as found in dehumidifiers like the Meaco DD8L. Personally I would like the instruction manual for the Ebac 2650e dehumidifier to go into greater detail about this technology.

Intelligent Defrost

The Intelligent Defrost system allows the dehumidifier to recognise when the coils are about to freeze. It then stops the refrigeration process to allow the coils to defrost faster.

Adjustable Settings

The settings on the Ebac 2650e are Manual, Auto and Economy.

There is also a Boost function which can be set for 1,2,4 or 8 hours. The boost function is similar to the ‘Laundry’ and ‘Turbo’ settings of other dehumidifiers. In Boost mode the dehumidifiers fans are working at their hardest and the extraction rate is at its maximum. Boost mode is therefore very handy for drying clothes indoors and drying very wet areas such as bathrooms after long hot showers etc.

The 2650e features two adjustable fan speeds.

You can also enable ‘air cleaning’ mode which basically pushes air from the fans to the antibacterial filter.

ebac 2650e dehumidifier review


The weight of the Ebac 2650e, like the filters size and extration rate, is also larger than that of other dehumidifiers reviewed on this site.

Typically 10 litre extration dehumidifiers with 2 litre tanks weigh around 6-8kg however the Ebac 2650e comes in at 13kg. This may be too heavy for some, such as the elderly, the invalid etc, so a set of caster wheels could make a good additional purchase.

All Ebac dehumidifiers feature built-in handles however these handles are a single hole in the back of the dehumidifier which makes it difficult to move a large 13kg dehumidifier.

The 2650e measures 54 x 34 x 25cm.

The 2650e comes with an advanced LED display to ensure that removal of damp and moisture is being achieved when the machine is on.

Being made with ABS Polymer the body is strong and durable and will last many years.

The power cord measures 213cm and the appliance features integrated cord storage.


Ebac state that the 2650e runs at 44dBA which louder than desiccant dehumidifiers however in a practical setting the 2650e is comparable to other refrigerant dehumidifiers.

On its highest setting the 2650e sounds like an old desk top computer with the dehumidifiers fans being more audible than the compressors.

Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier ReviewWarranty

The Ebac 2650e comes with a 5 year warranty which underlines Ebac’s confidence in its products.

Perfect For

The Ebac 2650e is perfect for larger houses with 3/4/5 bedrooms as well as light office and light industrial work.

Maximum floor space covered is 180m squared.


Please read the following reviews from verified buyers of the Ebac 2650e;

  • “Its worth every penny.”
  • ” I’m delighted with it, and wish I’d purchased one ages ago.”
  • “Overall 5 stars buy it!”
  • “Would definitely buy another.”
  • “Great product”
  • “Very easy to use and silent.”
  • “Excellent would highly recommend”
  • “Works like magic”

Reading these reviews you can see why this dehumidifier is so popular.


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ebac 2650e dehumidifier review