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Many of the Irish hardware shops are currently selling the Dimplex Forte 10L dehumidifier. Of course, so that I can report to you first hand, I went into a shop to have a good look at this dehumidifier.

Whilst the Dimplex Forte 10 L Dehumidifier gives a good first impression bear in mind that it is a compressor type dehumidifier so will not be as efficient as a desiccant dehumidifier.

For a great alternative to the Dimplex 10L check out the EcoAir ECO DD122 Desiccant Dehumidifier

Extraction Rate

As its name implies the Dimplex Forte 10L extracts 10 litres of moisture during perfect conditions which are 30⁰C and 80% relative humidity.

You will find that the extraction rate in the British Isles will be far lower than 10 litres even when introducing the Dimplex dehumidifier into a new area which is very wet. This is because extraction rates are lower in colder temperatures.

Generally speaking a 10 litre compressor dehumidifier extracts as the same rate as a 5 litre desiccant model.

Filter and Tank 

The DXDH10N would not be the most suitable for those with allergies, or those suffering from asthma, as it does not come with an anti-bacterial filter or ioniser. However it would be rare to find a dehumidifier in this price range that does come with both of these items.

The filter is a standard dust filter which is relative easy to take out and place into the machine. Dimplex Dehumidifier Water Tank

The water tank is located on the rear of the machine at the bottom. It is 2.3 litres in size and does not have any clear plastic on it so that you can see the water level.

When the tank is full a warning light comes on in the control panel and the unit automatically shuts down.

Removing the tank is fairly easy, just give it a wiggle and a slight pull, and there’s a bit of a handle to hold the tank when carrying it to the sink.

There is a permanent drain facility available however you need to supply your own 14mm hose.

dimplex forte 10l dehumidifier review

Control Panel

Like the Delonghi DEM10 dehumidifier, the Dimplex Forte 10 L Dehumidifier’s control panel is very basic comprising of only one movable part – a rotary dial – which does several things including;

  • Turning the machine ‘on’ and ‘off’
  • Setting the power
  • Placing the DXDH10N in ‘Continuous’ mode

This set up gives this model its first fault. The settings on the control panel range from 1-9, however it does not say what the level of humidity is at these settings.

Therefore if you buy this dehumidifier you should also buy a humidistat if you want to operate this unit most efficiently.

The higher the setting on the control panel the lower the humidity setting will be.

A great feature of this Dimplex dehumidifier is that due to a build-in humidistat the Dimplex Forte senses the humidity levels in the air and drops down to fan only mode when the required humidity level has been reached.

One person that reviewed the DXDH10N recommends that you start with the setting at 6 which should approximate around 50% humidity. When temperatures fall you can increase the setting to keep your home comfortable.


When the Dimplex Forte 10 L Dehumidifier is set on its ‘Continuous’ mode it is akin to other dehumidifiers in ‘Laundry’ or ‘Turbo’ mode.

This mode is ideal for drying clothes as it pulls moisture from small areas at a very high rate. In fact in ‘Continuous’ the Dimplex dehumidifier keeps working to lower humidity no matter how low the current relative humidity level is.

Dimplex Dehumidifier ReviewHowever whilst most dehumidifiers have two fan speeds, which allows for greater control, this Dimplex dehumidifier only has one fan speed. The result is that extraction rates will not be as high as dehumidifiers with two fan speeds.

Unlike most other dehumidifiers reviewed on this site the DXDH10N comes with castor wheels which make the dehumidifier easy to move around, even on carpet.

There are also two carrying handles, on either side, at the top of the machine however the machine weighs 10.6kg so using the castors would be smarter.

The Dimplex Forte DXDH10N measures 22cm x 36.5cm x 49cm.

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Dimplex state that the machine operates at just 42dBA which is very quiet for a refrigerant model. The 42dBA is probably produced when the dehumidifier is operating in fan only mode as the machine is somewhat louder when it is in ‘dehumidifying’ mode.

This dehumidifier would not be suitable to have in a room when you are sleeping as it is probably too loud. However everyone is different so if you are a heavy sleeper you could try to have the dehumidifier in your bedroom when trying to sleep.

Dimplex Forte 10l dehumidifier review

Perfect For

The Dimplex Forte is good for rooms up to 18m sq in size. Dimplex 020


Having used Dimplex appliances myself I know that they are of good quality especially kitchen appliances and radiators as well as dehumidifiers. Let’s take a look at what other Dimplex dehumidifier buyers are saying.Many verified purchasers are leaving reviews on Amazon.co.uk.

Here is what they are saying;

  • “a good product and I’d recommend it.”
  • “Slim and relatively unobtrusive”
  • “Compact, efficient and quiet”
  • “Brilliant bit of equipment”
  • “very good really pleased with it”
  • “Doing Very Nicely”
  • “just the job great”
  • “A brilliant de humidifier for a small flat easy to use.”


My goal with this website is to recommend the best dehumidifier for you and whilst the Dimplex Forte 10 L Dehumidifier is a good machine it isn’t the best dehumidifier for the conditions found in the British Isles.

For starters you have to buy your own 14mm hose for the permanent drain facility to work plus you should buy a hygrometer to get a true humidity reading as the settings on the control panel don’t supply this.


  • Features auto defrost
  • Goes into fan only mode when set humidity level reached
  • Comes with castor wheels
  • Quality brand name


  • Compressor type dehumidifier
  • Difficult to know what exact humidity setting is

A Better Dehumidifier For The Price

For the price the Dimplex Forte is OK however I would recommend stretching to the EcoAir DD122FW Desiccant Dehumidifier as this dehumidifier is better on a number of fronts. It’s features include;

  • Quieter
  • Cheaper to run at low temperatures
  • Runs at lower temperatures than refrigerant models
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has a silver-nano filter (anti-bacterial)
  • Anti-tilt protection.


Watch a summary of the Dimplex Forte in video format here

dimplex forte 10l dehumidifier review

* Images shown are from the Dimplex DH212 Model which is very similar to the DXDH10N