Car DehumidifierExcellent For Small Spaces

For small spaces there is no need to spend a massive amount of money on moisture absorbers.

Here is a simple solution for getting rid of mould, mildew, condensation and damp in spaces such as wardrobes, boats, caravans, cupboards etc.

This nifty little 5 x Interior Dehumidifier doesn’t only absorb moisture from the air but it also removes that mouldy scent from the area.

It can remove up to 3 times its own weight in water which is quite an achievement.

Of course the product life time will depend on the humidity of the area however each box has an average life span of around 2 months. Therefore this 5 pack should last nearly a year if used individually.

The boxed weight is 1.5kg and the height of each box is approximately 15 x 11.5 x 9 cm.

Since the box contains some ingredients that may be harmful to the skin, eyes and mouth it is best to use gloves when handling this product.

I like to call this a car dehumidifier as it works great in cars.

How It Works

This car dehumidifier works by emptying supplied crystals into a tray which sits on top of a 500ml catchment tray. There is also a lid that sits over the crystals.

As the crystals pull moisture from the air they change colour and decrease in size. the moisture falls into the catchment tray below the crystals. Once the crystals have melted then you can throw the product away.

interior car dehumidifier review

Some Uses

Reviewers have used these boxes under cars seats, in caravans and in an outside shed next to a chest freezer that had condensation on it.

Other reviewers have put these on window sills with good effect.

A point was made to either empty the 5 x Interior Dehumidifier before driving or to make sure that the unit won’t move as otherwise you may accidently tip the unit over and spill the water and crystals.

What People Say

There are some interesting reviews on Amazon and for the cost of the 5 car dehumidifiers, which should last nearly a year, you are getting a bargain.

Here are what verified purchasers are saying:

  • “These are just the job for controlling mustiness from the cupboard under the stairs”
  • “this pack is really good value”
  • “Very pleased. No more wet windows on cold mornings”
  • “what a joy they are to own”
  • “these are wonderful units and this is my third purchase of them!”
  • “The 5 pack is extremely good value and should be sufficient to last all winter as 1 lasted approx. 7 weeks.Glad to have found them.”


For the price the 5 x Interior Dehumidifier is a great buy for any small space which has got moisture problems.

interior wardrobe car dehumidifier review